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It is a well known fact that retailers are really struggling at the moment with consumers unwilling to part with their hard earned money due to unpredictable economic conditions. This has prompted many large companies that deal directly within retail to downgrade their forecasts.

One such company is Pacific Brands, who own the Bonds brand. They have advised during their annual general meeting that the first quarter of the current financial year has not lived up to expectations and sales are expected to be below forecast.

Bonds is one of the best performers for Pacific Brands and even this brand is struggling. The company expects that profit will be down compared to the same time last year. Pacific Brands attributes much of the issues are to do with the downturn in workwear and losing some other brands.

Bonds is one of the most well known brands in Australia for underwear, sleepwear and staples. They provide a great range of goods at good prices. For a Bonds promo code, you can visit a number of sites include this one.