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Equities have not fared so well this year however if you’re a Billabong share holder than you would probably feel that you’re one of the worst done by, especially if you’ve held them for a number of years.

The company has been struggling to stay afloat and there have been a number of offers that have come and gone with the company still in limbo.

Billabong, although in a dire position, still have a number of extremely valuable brands that, with the right direction, can continue to flourish. One such brand is there online store called SurfStitch. SurfStitch has been a stellar performer for the company and has done exceptionally well in Australia. The SurfStitch  management have been able to achieve great success from promotional methods such as frequent sales, free delivery and making available a SurfStitch promo code every now and then.

The company has now received a couple of new offers from a number of sources and is now considering all offers that are on the table. The company hopes to select one of the offers soon and finalise a turnaround plan.

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