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It is a well known fact that retailers are really struggling at the moment with consumers unwilling to part with their hard earned money due to unpredictable economic conditions. This has prompted many large companies that deal directly within retail to downgrade their forecasts.

One such company is Pacific Brands, who own the Bonds brand. They have advised during their annual general meeting that the first quarter of the current financial year has not lived up to expectations and sales are expected to be below forecast.

Bonds is one of the best performers for Pacific Brands and even this brand is struggling. The company expects that profit will be down compared to the same time last year. Pacific Brands attributes much of the issues are to do with the downturn in workwear and losing some other brands.

Bonds is one of the most well known brands in Australia for underwear, sleepwear and staples. They provide a great range of goods at good prices. For a Bonds promo code, you can visit a number of sites include this one.

The internet provides example after example of what can be achieved with the right business strategy and product. One such example is the meteoric rise of

The company was only started less than 10 years ago and since then has become one of the world’s most popular online fashion destinations. The company now boasts that it’s search on Google exceeds that of even ASOS and Burberry. The growth of the company is ability to harness the power of online retailing. They have made great use of social media and BooHoo promotion code strategies.

The company was created in Machester, UK, by Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane. Mahmud is responsible for the business aspect and Kane is responsible for the creative side. The company initially started in the UK but has now since expanded to Australia, US and Canada.

BooHoo have another advantage in that they are at the forefront of design. Designs that are created on the BooHoo design desks are out to market within a few weeks, an amazing feat.


Deals Direct has grown to be one of the biggest and well known internet retailers in Australia. The company has taken years to be where it is today and with hard work and a bit of luck, it has become a huge success story.

The company actually started on eBay and from there branched out to it’s own internet site. The company now sells over 8000 different products and has focused on becoming similar in nature to Amazon. The company has focused on ensuring that they have good systems in place, strong inventory control and a good business management structure.

The company has focused on trying to make sure that it provides the best products possible at a bargain basement price.

The company believes that the key to it’s success is a number of factors. The first factor being that the company’s website is easy to use. The key to getting people to stay and keep coming back is by offering the user a great experience. The next thing is they offer is a online chat facility giving the customer direct access to a live support person. They also offer frequent promotions and a Deals Direct coupon for consumers.

The company plans on expanding it’s product offering in the future and consolidating it’s position as one of the most popular internet retailers.

Dan Murphy’s has been a successful venture for Woolworths, gaining large market share and being one of the biggest liquor retailers in the country.

Dan Murphy’s has now decided that they will now sell draught beer dispensary units directly to consumers. Along with these units, they will also offer the growlers of beer and cider that can be used with them.

The purpose of these dispensary units is to allow the consumer to set up there own home bar with beer straight from a keg. The model has been successful in overseas markets such as New Zealand and the US so they are hoping for similar success here.

The dispensing system will be compatible with three different types of growlers. The first is a 1.89 litre glass,1 litre glass and a disposable PET bottle with a capacity of 1.89 litres.

The process will involve the customer cleaning the growler and getting a Dan Murphy’s staff member to fill the bottle.

If you’re purchasing from Dan Murphy’s online, make use of a Dan Murphy’s promo code available here.


Equities have not fared so well this year however if you’re a Billabong share holder than you would probably feel that you’re one of the worst done by, especially if you’ve held them for a number of years.

The company has been struggling to stay afloat and there have been a number of offers that have come and gone with the company still in limbo.

Billabong, although in a dire position, still have a number of extremely valuable brands that, with the right direction, can continue to flourish. One such brand is there online store called SurfStitch. SurfStitch has been a stellar performer for the company and has done exceptionally well in Australia. The SurfStitch  management have been able to achieve great success from promotional methods such as frequent sales, free delivery and making available a SurfStitch promo code every now and then.

The company has now received a couple of new offers from a number of sources and is now considering all offers that are on the table. The company hopes to select one of the offers soon and finalise a turnaround plan.