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It has been around for over 50 years so there must be something that has made Weight Watchers a continually popular program.

Losing weight has always been a difficult task and diet fads come and go. The question that most people will ask is does Weight Watchers actually work. For a product to be around for so many years, many would assume it does. In fact, Weight Watchers has been said to be twice as effective as other diets by a European study.

The study found that focus groups from Australia, UK and Germany lost double the weight of others. The one drawback however, that of those that participated, 58 percent did not finish the program meaning that it was just as unmotivating as the other diets.

They key to the success of Weight Watchers is not only the program but the support group that comes with it. Weight Watchers participants are encouraged to attend a weekly meeting where they are weighed and can ask questions.

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One of main issues facing working families is where to put their child in care when they need to return to work.

When both parents are working, it is often the case that the child will be put into a child care centre. Here they will get looked after and sometimes fed.

Growing in popularity however, are early learning centres. What early learning centres attempt to do is take child care that few steps further and help prepare the child in learning and life skills.

Children that attend dedicated learning centres no longer sit around and simply just play and run around. They generally will have a structured approach to the day and will focus on learning basic things such as their alphabet and numbers.

Research has shown that giving kids this head start in life means that they generally stay ahead in life.

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