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Dan Murphy’s has been a successful venture for Woolworths, gaining large market share and being one of the biggest liquor retailers in the country.

Dan Murphy’s has now decided that they will now sell draught beer dispensary units directly to consumers. Along with these units, they will also offer the growlers of beer and cider that can be used with them.

The purpose of these dispensary units is to allow the consumer to set up there own home bar with beer straight from a keg. The model has been successful in overseas markets such as New Zealand and the US so they are hoping for similar success here.

The dispensing system will be compatible with three different types of growlers. The first is a 1.89 litre glass,1 litre glass and a disposable PET bottle with a capacity of 1.89 litres.

The process will involve the customer cleaning the growler and getting a Dan Murphy’s staff member to fill the bottle.

If you’re purchasing from Dan Murphy’s online, make use of a Dan Murphy’s promo code available here.


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